Making it through the Holidays and staying on track

It is so hard to not go off the deep end eating whenever you are constantly around delicious treats over the holidays!! Trust me, I know!  I teach an intro to culinary arts class, and there is always something being created in the kitchen, and it usually isn’t healthy!  Now, in my nutrition and wellness classes, we actually try to make things healthier (even though the students tend to dislike these dishes-lol).  Anyway, one of the things that I have found that keeps me on track is just making sure I log everything I eat!! It is a daily goal, and i know that if i have something in class, it will be recorded.  If it will totally throw my macros off, I just don’t eat it!! Hopefully (as usually is the case) I have some protein powder or a healthy snack with me, so I can eat that and log with assurance that I will hit my goals for the day (most of the time anyway) Happy Holidays!!