Efficient, effective, challenging, and life changing. Easy to follow training, nutrition, cardio, and supplement programs to help you make lasting progress.

Your long-term health and metabolism is always in mind, these programs are designed to help you make the most of your limited workout time. Our gym is located at 204 Main Street, New Castle, VA 24127.

We offer access to Nautilus strength training equipment as well as free weights and various cardiovascular machines. Fitness classes are offered on a regular basis for an additional fee (members receive a discount).


Since my competition, I have had so many things going on! I essentially have 6 jobs now!! To say I am busy is an understatement. Please look for my updated video, hopefully being posted soon about my competition, results, and what’s next in life for me.

I am working on my PhD still and have made it to the actual dissertation phase. I am teaching full-time (both online and in person, as this is a hybrid situation), but it’s like having two jobs.

You will hear all about it soon in my next video post! Please stay in touch and let me know any questions you have for me through contacting me here.

What I Offer For Good Health

What People Are Saying

“Coach Holly has the knowledge and the training to help each person reach their individual goals. Coach Holly is by our side each step of the way cheering us on through the good, the bad, and the ugly. If she doesn’t have the answers she’ll look till she finds it. She knows what she’s doing!”

Charlotte Helgemo

“To be a small gym in a small community, this place is awesome! Lots of different exercise equipment and weightlifting options.”

Deana Bacon

“Awesome trainer and person. Look at her, results speak volumes!”

John Davis


BS Commercial Fitness

MS Health Promotion

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) – Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

ACE (American Council on Exercise) – Group Fitness
ACE (American Council on Exercise) – Health and Wellness Coach
Cycling Certification
Yoga Instructor
YMCA Water Aerobics Instructor


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