Holiday “Help”ings

Some tips that will hopefully be helpful for you during the Holidays:

1-Plan Ahead.

You never know what holiday events can occur that can sidetrack your fitness goals.  Have snacks and meal staples (especially the lean proteins-there is never a shortage of carbs) prepared so you will always be ready to meat your macros for the day.  NO EXCUSES!!

2-Limit Alcohol

Not only does alcohol add extra calories and sugar, but it also gives you a double whammy, because in addition to empty calories, it is a DEPRESSANT, which means it slows down your metabolism, priming your body to store fat.  It can also lead to the “who cares” attitude and food consumption can go overboard.

3- Drink lots of water!!!

4- Do NOT try to save up your calories for holiday events!  

Stay on your macros plans all day, maybe reducing your carb intake slightly, but if you try to cut out calories and “save up”, you will go into an event starving, and way overeat on things that I guarantee aren’t on your macro plan.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS and keep the LEAN GAINS going!!