If you have a goal in life whether it be long-term or short-term the benefit of having someone to be accountable to is invaluable. The reason we need accountability is to help us stay on track and keep moving forward towards our goals!  If no one ever knows about anything you are planning, then you really don’t feel the necessity to go through with it.   If you have made your goal known to others, it is motivation to follow through!!- SO, hiring a coach can be a great idea if you need extra accountability, BUT you can also follow a plan to keep yourself accountable!! 

Let’s explore a little further the importance of accountability:

Holding yourself accountable conveys that your GOAL is a top PRIORITY!

Karson McGinley (yoga teacher and life coach) notes that there are different forms of accountability, but some forms work better for certain people than others.  Here are the five areas of accountability that may work for you:

1) Tell a friend-the ideal accountability partner is someone who supports you and your goals.  Make sure that who you share with will not be a “negative Nancy” and belittle or make light of your goals.  

2) Join an accountability group-there are SO many groups online that will support you and your goals in the area of fitness and wellness.  These groups allow you to have access to other people who have been in similar situations which will also allow you valuable information in keeping yourself on track.

3)  Use your Technology– there are multiple apps that can help you stay on track in areas like finances ( or workout goals (,  There are even apps that can help you see your food intake daily as well as water goals (,  Many times we are unaware of what we are doing or consuming on a regular basis, and these applications will help you create an honest view of habits, some that are good, and maybe even some that need to be broken!

4) Write it down– some people (myself included) love journaling.  Writing things down can often set your dreams into motion (ever heard of a vision board?).  How much you write is up to you, but you can hold yourself accountable by using daily goals that you write out, using calendars to track progress (I used to circle each day I completed cardio), or even being as detailed as you want for goals, feelings, and patterns of behavior.  

5) Hire a COACH!!

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Keeping it Real!

Coach Holly