5 Steps to Boost your Confidence this Summer! (Even if your body isn’t where you want it to be)

4.  EXERCISE!! This releases endorphins, which are feel good hormones!  These will help  you become more self confident as you on your way to creating that body you desire. 

  1. Wake up and drink water!! At least 8-16 oz, before you even have coffee!! YES! It CAN be done 😉  Water will help refresh you and perk you up!  If you are lacking energy, AFTER your water, you could supplement with a little LadyBoss FUEL if desired-it’s a great energizer and I like to use it during workouts!  https://bit.ly/2SAA41m
  2. Don’t wear clothes that are too small! Clothes should be flattering, so even if you are working your way into your smaller clothes, invest in just a few pieces that will flatter your current figure (thrift stores and consignment shops sell items that still have the tags on!)
  3. Practice daily affirmations/positive self-talk! Wake up each day and reflect on what is great about YOU!! “I am” statements will work wonders in creating a positive mindset.

5.  Make sure you are getting FIVE servings of vegetables daily!! Not only will this help your bodily functions, but the vitamins and minerals you receive will give a healthy supply of energy to your body, and we all know that you cannot feel great about yourself if you are dragging!