4 weeks til stage time!

Hi Everyone!!

So, I am WAY deep into competition prep yet again!! Now, if you know me, you know that I usually take on WAY more than I should! But this time, I have REALLY overdone myself!! I am currently a full-time teacher, as well as a full-time single mom!  I am a doctoral student, a gym owner, and a personal trainer as well.  So why on earth would I put myself through competition prep again!! Honestly, I ask myself that a lot lately, especially since my calories have been slashed so much, and my cardio seems to be ever increasing.  Well……here is the thing-competition prep keeps me focused! If I cannot stress eat, I won’t! If I have a goal, I will do whatever it takes to hit that goal! I have told many clients that if I didn’t actually sign up for a competition, there is NO WAY I would actually put myself through those challenges! I might start, but then I would always have the mentality of “I’m not really getting on stage”, so I would fall off the wagon I feel sure.  No matter what your goals are, a coach can help keep you focused and on track-I use one to get show ready because it helps to have someone else do the thinking, especially when life is overwhelming.  It also helps to have accountability.  Let me help you reach your goals, no matter how big or small! Contact me this month (October) for our special anniversary prices-if you sign up this month, you will keep the bonus rates as long as you stay active! We can even set you up on monthly renewals now!! Don’t wait until the holidays come and go!